Strangeness in nuclear systems

A. Nogga (FZJ) / S.-G. Zhou (ITP)


Hyperon-nucleon (YN) and hyperon-hyperon (YY) interactions are important aspects of nuclear
physics. Depending on the properties of these interactions, matter inside neutron stars at densities
around and above saturation density might be significantly affected by YN interactions. At the same
time, they provide a unique window into studying the effects of explicit chiral symmetry breaking
due to the strange quark mass on nuclear interactions. The understanding of these interactions at
the relevant low energies is severely complicated by the difficulty to obtain YN and YY data. There
are no known bound states in strange two-baryon systems and data for scattering is scarce. In
view of this problem, the bound states of hyperons and nuclei, the hypernuclei, are an important
source of information and their study is therefore an important aspect of experimental programs at
several facilities, like FAIR, J-PARC, MAMI and JLab. We continue our studies of such systems
using the Jacobi-no-core shell model and covariant density functional theories.