EFT for electromagnetic currents: Foundations and applications

E. Epelbaum (RUB) / N. Kaiser (TUM) / H. Krebs (RUB


Within the framework of chiral effective field theory the theory of electromagnetic currents will be extended to full one loop order. Combined with the novel high precision nucleonic potentials witin the same framework we will study the electromagnetic form factors of the deuteron, trinucleon systems and 4He, analyze the deuteron and 3He photodisintegration and the inverse radiative capture reactions, calculate triton β-decay and the muon capture rates on deuteron and  3He and consider the solar proton fusion reaction. We also plan to look at quark mass dependence of few- ucleon electromagnetic observables such as e.g. magnetic and quadrupole moments of light nuclei, for which first lattice QCD results start to emerge.