On this page you may find presentations of CRC 110 members or related presentations. An overview of the collaborative research center was given at the 2012 KITPC workshop (see meetings) by Ulf-G. Meißner. The slides are available.

Presentation of the CRC110 at KHuK Jahrestagung

On Friday, November 22nd 2019, the CRC110 was presented at the "KHuK Jahrestagung" in Bad Honnef. The slides of the presentation by Carsten Urbach are available here.

Presentation of the CRC 110 to funding agencies

On Thursday, June 27th 2013, a delegation from the DFG, the NSFC and various other asian funding agencies visited the HISKP to learn about the CRC 110. Two introductory talks were given by Ulf-G. Meißner ``Introduction to the CRC 110'' and from Feng-Kun Guo ``Why do we need the CRC 110 - a personal perspective''. Various issues of funding projects between the different countries were discussed. This informal meeting just preceeded the first anniversary of the CRC 110 on July 1st, so it gave a good opportunity to assess what has been achieved so far.