Partial wave analysis

U. Thoma (UB) / U. Wiedner (RUB)


Partial wave analysis (PWA) is a key technique to extract resonances and their properties, such as
quantum numbers, pole positions, and couplings to the different decay channels from experimental
data. As such it is a prerequisite to reach a better understanding of the spectrum and the
properties of hadrons. This project addresses, in close connection to the experiments and to the
theory groups of this CRC, two topics, baryon- and meson-spectroscopy in the light-quark sector.
Two different analysis tools are used, the Bonn-Gatchina (BnGa) PWA and the newly developed
software package PAWIAN. Topics to be investigated are meson and baryon spectroscopy, in
particular the analysis of photo- and electroproduction data off protons and neutrons, the Q 2 --
dependence of helicity amplitudes as well as ψ‘ → baryon-antibaryon-meson decays. Also, the
comparisons of the results obtained using the BnGa-PWA, PAWIAN or the JüBo approaches (B.11)
will surely provide a deeper insight in the systematic differences of the physics obtained using
different approaches.