Lattice nuclear physics

H. Krebs (RUB) / U.-G. Meißner (UB)


Ab initio calculations of the structure and reactions of atomic nuclei are possible utilizing nuclear
lattice effective field theory. This method has been established as a new approach in theoretical
nuclear physics in the first two funding periods, as documented by the extended monograph on
“Nuclear Lattice Effective Field Theory - an Introduction”. In this funding period, we wish to address
the following issues: 1) to pin down the three-nucleon forces, 2) to understand the microscopic
origin of the spin-orbit interaction in atomic nuclei, 3) to achieve an understanding of the
microscopic origins of isospin I = 1 and isospin I = 0 pairing in nuclei, 4) to obtain a better
understanding of the essentials of nuclear binding, and 5) to perform simulations at non-zero
temperature and fixed particle number to study nuclear thermodynamics, in particular the phase
diagram of nuclear matter and dissociation of finite nuclei and the corresponding cluster yields in
nuclear collisions.