CRC 110 workshop, Weihai, China

The general meeting of the CRC 110 took place in Weihai, China,from July 25 to July 29, 2014. The meeting place was the Shangdong University Academic Center Hotel, next to Weihai's International Beach. The meeting consisted of talks by german students and post-docs on the status of the various projects, a midterm review of the contribution form the Chinese PIs and talks from prospective new PIs for the second funding period (FP 2) as well as associates of the CRC. Also, a road map for FP 2 was worked out and a meeting of the board of the CRC took place. From the Chinese side of the CRC, we had 9 PIs, 4 post-docs and 24 students participating. From the German side, there were 9 PIs, 9 post-docs and 10 students. Various associates of the CRC, Chinese reviewers, invited guests as well as NSFC representatives were also present. In total we had 56 Chinese and 32 German participants. There was ample time for discussion and recreation on the beach.




Updated Agenda CRC Workshop Weihai July 25th to July 29th, 2014 (as pdf)