Workshop Programm

  • Jochen Dingfelder (Bonn): Review on experimental status of B -> "rho" l nu
  • Sven Faller (Siegen): Angular observables, null tests and form factor relations for B -> pi pi semileptonic
  • Bastian Kubis (Bonn): B -> pi pi l nu decays and dispersion theory
  • Danny van Dyk (Siegen): B -> pi pi form factors from QCD factorization
  • Alexander Khodjamirian (Siegen): Applications of light-cone sum rules to B -> pi pi form factors
  • Wei Wang (Bonn): Generalized heavy-to-light form factors in light-cone sum rules
  • Alexander Ermakov (Bonn): Experimental analysis of B -> X_u l nu using track and hadron multiplicities
  • Javier Virto (Siegen): B -> 3 pi


The talks can be found <here> [access restricted]