This is the preliminary programme of the workshop. Talks should be about 30 minutes. The rest of the time is for discussions.

  Date Time Speaker Title  
  23.7. 14:00 Akaki Rusetsky Partially twisted boundary conditions for scalar mesons  
  23.7. 15:00 Ning-Li Multi-channel Luescher's formulae in baryon-meson scattering  
  23.7. 16:00 Marc Wagner Lattice investigation of scalar mesons using four-quark-operators  
  23.7. 17:00 Falk Zimmermann Disconnected Diagrams in a mixed action approach  
  23.7. 18:00 Carsten Urbach Twisted Mass simulations at the physical point  
  24.7. 9:30 Chuan Liu D-D* scattering and the Z_c(3900)  
  24.7. 10:30 Bastian Knippschild Status of Distillation  
  24.7. 11:30 Liuming Liu Construction of interpolating operators for two hadrons on the lattice