Workshop Program

Program timetable

 (the program is also available as a PDF file)



April 27, 2013


Session 1 (Chair: Christoph Hanhart)

8:30-8:45                     Open speech by Bingsong Zou

8:45-9:30                     Nora Brambilla: Review of NRQCD

9:30-10:15                   Estia Eichten: Heavy quarkonium spectroscopy


10:15-10:45 Coffee break


Session 2 (Chair: Qiang Zhao)

10:45-11:30                 Zhiqing Liu: Review of experimental status of XYZ studies

11:30-12:15                 Feng-Kun Guo: Heavy quark symmetries and hadronic molecules


Lunch (IHEP Guesthouse Restaurant)



Session 1 (Chair: Antonio Vairo)

14:00-14:45                 Tom Mehen: Nonrelativistic effective field theory

14:45-15:15                 Martin Cleven: Confirmation the molecule nature of Zb and Zb’

15:15-15:45                 Qian Wang: The nature of Y(4260) and Zc(3900)


15:45-16:15 Coffee break


Session 2 (Chair: Shi-Lin Zhu)

16:15-16:45                 Lu Zhao: The meson-exchange model for the Λ`Λ interaction

16:45-17:15                 Frank Niecknig: Dispersion relations for three-body decays

17:15-17:45                 Xuan-Gong Wang: Study on X(3872) from effective field theory

                                      with pion interaction


Dinner (IHEP Guesthouse Restaurant)


April 28, 2013


Session 1 (Chair: Bing-Song Zou)

8:30-9:15                     Ulf-G. Meissner: Thresholds on the lattice

9:15-10:00                   Johann Haidenbauer: Final state interactions


10:00-10:30 Coffee break


Session 2 (Chair: Yu Jia)

10:30-11:15                 Dian-Yong Chen: Zb, Zc and ISPE mechanism

11:15-12:00                 Guo-Ying Chen: The lineshape of psi(3770)

12:00-12:30                 Ning Li: Coupled-channel Study of X(3872) and Its Isospin Breaking


Lunch (IHEP Guesthouse Restaurant)



Session 1 (Chair: Feng-Kun Guo)

14:00-14:30                 Xian-Wei Kang: pp-bar final state interaction

14:30-15:00                 Zhan-Wei Liu: Chiral Perturbation Theory and the $\bar B \bar B$

                                      Strong Interaction



15:00-15:30                 Gang Li: The role of open charm thresholds in psi, psi’ à VP


15:30-16:00 Coffee break


Session 2 (Chair: Ulf-G. Meissner)

16:00-17:45                 Free discussions

17:45-18:00                 Closing remarks by Ulf-G. Meissner


Dinner (Peking Roasted Duck Restaurant)