Workshop on Threshold Phenomena, IHEP, Beijing, April 27th-28th, 2013


A two-day Workshop on Open Threshold Phenomena will be held in IHEP on April 27-28, 2013. It is motivated to discuss intensively topic subjects in modern hadron physics among a group of people who are working in this field. All the speakers are invited only. Most of the senior speakers are experts in this field, while younger researchers are mostly in the early stage of their professional career. We expect that such a workshop would allow the participants to exchange ideas, discuss details of different theoretical methods, identify key issues in the study of hadron physics, and even develop efficient collaborations among the attendees.

In recent years a large number of pronounced structures located right at particle thresholds were observed in various experiments experiments. E.g.

in the charm sector

  • there is the X(3872) right at D0D0 threshold
  • the Y(4660) at ψ'f0(980) threshold
  • The Λc (2995) at the πΣc threshold

In the bottom sector

  • Zb and Zb' at BB  and BB threshold, respectively

As well as in the light sector

  • J/ψ à pp-bar X
  • At the ΣN threshold for ppàKΛp
  • at the f0(980) at KK threshold in J/ψà π+π-φ

and various more. While for some of these phenomena the community agrees on the existence of a resonance (e.g. for X(3872) and f0(980)).  Others, however, are still discussed controversially and might result from a delicate interplay of coupled-channels dynamics and/or strong final state interactions, and possibly so far unknown genuine resonances.

In the workshop various aspects of threshold phenomena will be discussed. In particular, issues like 'What are common features?' and 'What are the proper tools to study their origin?' will be addressed.

Sponsors:    Theoretical Physics Center for Science Facilities (TPCSF), CAS

Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS

German DFG and Chinese NSF CRC110 project

Co-organizers: Christoph Hanhart (FZJ, Juelich) and Qiang Zhao (IHEP, Beijing)


The workshop will take place in Beijing right after the 9th International workshop on heavy quarkonium.

Workshop Program

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