Hadron Spectroscopy

Y. Chen (IHEP) / S.-L. Zou (PKU) / B.-S. Zou (IHEP)


Hadron spectroscopy has been a major platform for probing many dynamical aspects of strong
interactions in the non-perturbative regime. It also bridges fundamental approaches such as lattice
QCD calculations with phenomenological studies such as constituent quark models, QCD sum
rules, AdS/QCD etc., from which insights into the non-perturbative QCD phenomena can be
gained. Many aspects of the hadron spectra can be successfully understood in the framework of
the so-called quark potential model, which describes hadron resonances in terms of excitations of
the minimal number of constituents quarks, i.e. q 3 configurations for baryons and a qq pair for
mesons. In this project, we shall systematically study various possible configurations of the exotic
multi-quark states with both lattice and phenomenological approaches, to understand their
observed properties and make new predictions for their productions and decays as guidance for
further experimental exploration of these states.